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    Beijing ZGC Overseas Science Park Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ZGC Overseas Park) was founded on January 15, 2003 with 12.5 million yuan of registered capital. We provide professional forums related services, ranging from international trade shows, technology communications, cross-border services, information pools and agency services for international innovations grant aid. Our mission is to act as an accelerator that helps Zhongguancun-based enterprises “go outside” and qualified foreign companies “come in”, and guides their way to turn their ideas into reality. As a market-oriented company, ZGC Overseas Park is recognized as one of those Zhongguancun-based high-tech enterprises and among the companies certified by IAEE (International Associations of Exhibitions and Events). We now own six departments, including Administration, Finance, International Exhibitions, International Business, Information Resources and Business Development.

    I. 4 Strengths

    1. Brand Power Relying on the power of Zhongguancun brand, and resources of Zhongguancun Development Group and Administrative Committee, we are in a quite good position to help internationalize Zhongguancun-based enterprises.

    2. Overseas Resources With Zhongguancun Development Group’s overseas resources and our years of experience in collaborating with embassies in China, we are poised to provide access for enterprises to the latest market information and policy abroad.

    3. Technology Support We boast large data pools both online and offline that are available as references for enterprises in Zhongguancun if they are planning to reach out to more corners of the world.

    4. Sales Channels We share the sales channels and marketing teams with the Zhongguancun Development Group, which enables us to quickly lead enterprises’ way into their target markets and provide high-quality services for enterprises.

    II. 5 Services Provider

    1. Professional Forums Organizer From 2007-2014, ZGC Overseas Park, commissioned by the Management Committee, were responsible for the planning and implementation of Zhongguancun-based forums during which we helped the Management Committee with its bid to host 2015 IASP annual meeting. We also assisted the Zhonguancun Development Group to ensure the successful completion of 2018 Zhongguancun Forum, which attracted at least 2000 attendees and received positive feedback from all sectors of the community. 10 years of experience enable us to become a professional forums organizer.

    2. Experienced International Exhibitions Solutions Provider Entrusted by the Administration Committee in 2009, we began our attempt to help enterprises in the demonstration zones to display their products in international trade shows so as to expose the world to China’s leading business and local brands. International trade shows provide a new approach for China to establish its status as the world-class center for innovative technology. Over the past 11 years, Zhongguancun as a brand took off in many international trade shows, and ZGC Overseas Park becomes a leading international exhibitions services provider.

    3. International Innovation Grant Aid Policy Implementer From 2013, we are commissioned by the Zhongguancun Committee to serve as an agency responsible for the implementation of the international innovation grant aid policy. As of today, we already received applications from 3000+ enterprises and reviewed 7100+ projects. We get a clear picture of how many Zhongguancun enterprises are planning to launch their branches overseas, seek R&D collaboration with overseas enterprises or how many science parks are to be set up in countries engaged in the Belt and Road Initiative. 6 years of experience acting as the agency familiarize us with each stage of the process, from reception, review to statistic analysis, which empowers us with the ability to deal with similar projects.

    4.Foreign Affairs Services Provider For 6 years, we are entrusted by the Zhongguancun Administration Committee to be in charge of liaison with overseas delegations when they are visiting the Zhongguancun Science Park, which makes us a bridge to connect all sectors including technology, economy, intelligence, finance and governments, and a platform where all practitioners can communicate with each other.

    5.Big Data-Driven Information Services Provider Relying on the data of enterprises and various projects that we collected for years, we establish a pool of requirements for talent-spotting and projects. In 2018, we established a big data-driven platform which Beijing or Zhongguancun demonstration zones based enterprises can make use of for their internationalization.

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