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ZGC Forum 2019 Volunteers: The Forum makes me feel that the future is within my reach

Time:2019-11-12     Form: From The Beijing News

Luo Kai, the volunteer who is working at the information desk. Photo by Pu Feng, Reporter of The Beijing News

News (Deng Qi, Reporter of The Beijing News)---‘I am delighted to come to the ZGC Forum. We can understand China here and touch the future through technology.’ On the morning of 17th, Simone, an international student from Germany is working for the Forum. Her position is similar to the ‘mobile information desk’ and she is responsible for accompanying, consulting and guiding guests.

Like Simone, more than 140 volunteers participate in various activities of the ZGC Forum 2019 including 20 plus international volunteers.

The volunteers are recruited by the organizing committee of the ZGC Forum through the Zhilan Fund, the Education Fund of Beijing Institute of Technology, the Youth Volunteer Association of Beijing Foreign Studies University and the Volunteer Center of Youth League of Tsinghua University. Among them, most of VIP guest reception and guidance are handled by more than 40 volunteers from Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Song Ze, the volunteer. Photo by Pu Feng, Reporter of The Beijing News

Looking for Coffee for Guests around the Field

Song Ze, a sophomore from the Department of Japanese, Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is the general director of BFSU volunteers this time. She is mainly in charge of coordination and arrangements for the work of each volunteer.

‘I always enjoy volunteering. It is great for me to represent my university at big events and showcase my skills.’ Song Ze has noted that volunteers could feel the sense of accomplishment through the collaboration when they see the Forum in good order.

Song Ze is impressed by a little thing. One guest has asked for coffee after the tea break. A volunteer from Beijing Institute of Technology has run around the venue as fast as possible and finally found a coffee machine in a corner pantry. ‘Although it is a little thing, it reflects our strong sense of responsibility and ability.

Song Ze has been staying in Beijing for more than one year. She likes the atmosphere of Beijing. ‘It seems that the technology does not have a strong connection with our language majors. However, we are encouraged by the University to apply for undergraduate S&T innovation programs and participate in innovation competitions. In addition, Beijing is a sound platform to expand the international vision. For instance, this forum reminds me of the connection between artificial intelligence and translation, which is very inspiring.’

Simone, the volunteer. Photo by Pu Feng, Reporter of The Beijing News

‘The life in Beijing is so convenient!’

Simone is from Germany and her major is the Economics at Beijing Institute of Technology. The reason for her to be a volunteer is that she wants to understand both the Chinese culture and the Chinese S&T growth.

‘I have listened to some presentations at the venue that are very enlightening. The world is changing so fast that we need to continuously understand the technology and the world. According to the discussions and science demonstrations at the Forum, I feel that the future is within my reach.’ Simone says that she is most impressed by the exhibition of Zhongguancun international cutting-edge S&T results. The audience could experience the S&T progress in a special interactive area.

The most attractive thing in Beijing for Simone is the life convenience, especially the electronic payment methods such as Quick Pay, etc. ‘It is the technology that brings us the convenience.’

Luo Kai, the volunteer. Photo by Pu Feng, Reporter of The Beijing News

‘I will return to Beijing after the master degree.’

Luo Kai, a junior in Tsinghua University from the U.S. has been staying in Beijing for five years. He speaking in Beijing mandarin is responsible for the information desk in the conference hall.

‘The questions are simple, like where is the venue, where is the bathroom, or what is the agenda. They do not bother me.’ He says that he has first been to China with his mother in 2014 and ‘felt in love with the country’. As a result, he has decided to return to Beijing after his master degree in the U.S.A. because Beijing is full of opportunities.

‘Beijing is the center of scientific R&D in China. In case of the innovation and entrepreneurship in China, Beijing is the first choice.’ According to Luo Kai, Beijing boasts talents, sound investment environment and more opportunities.

Deng Qi, Reporter of The Beijing News; Pu Feng, Collaborative Reporter

Li Guojun, Editor; Li Xiangling, Proofreader

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