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Strengthening Internal Control Training and Making True Self-evaluation

Time:2019-09-18     Form:ZGC overseas science park

On the afternoon of September 18, Mr. Wang Yageng of Beijing Zhengwei Yuanda Management Consultants Ltd. invited by Zhongguancun Overseas Science Park Co., Ltd. has taken an internal control evaluation training within the company. To further strengthen the construction of risk control system and improve the ability of risk control, the internal control has been launched last year and the comprehensive risk management manual has been issued by the end of the year so as to closely integrate the management and control deployment with the strategic development requirements of Zhongguancun Overseas Science Park Co., Ltd. After the trial operation, all departments have basically mastered both risk points and risk control measures of the process involved. During the training, Mr. Wang has interpreted the basic knowledge of internal control and how to take evaluation of internal control, focusing on the further implementation of internal control evaluation. Through the training, all members of the internal control working group of Zhongguancun Overseas Science Park Co., Ltd. have had a further understanding of the internal control self-evaluation and preliminarily mastered relevant knowledge and methods to form the first internal control self-evaluation work team. The internal control system would be further self-improved so as to shape an upward spiral closed management loop and jointly promote the standard performance and healthy growth of Zhongguancun Overseas Science Park Co., Ltd.

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